garment inspection inspection

Quality inspection of sweaters at the end of the production in Guangdong Province.Inspection result not really good

color fastness test with dry cloth / color fastness test with wet cloth

About all finished products had untrimmed tread / Many products have wrinkles / short threads on all products surface

bad weave

left right asymmetry

Thank you very much for your intrested in our service.
Sunchine team make the following proposal to help you control quality of chemical products.

Check product storing condition→Check whole quality→Check packing condition and marking→Randomly measure gross weight→Pick up samples from
finished products→Seal samples with Sunchine stickers and sign→ and send to lab for testing→Paste Sunchine sticker on each package→Send inspection and sampling report within 24 hours→Lab perform testing and send report after finishing→Check quanity again during loading process→Check packaging condition and marking randomly→Check empty container condition→Oversee loading process→Check 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full container→Check container No. and seal No.→Send Container loading check report for confirmation

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